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SEO for your own personal brand

Update Nov 6.: Yup, first place now, not even one week. Given my name is quite unique, it’s not something extraordinary I searched for my own name “Ngo Ky Lam” and this website is not even in the top five. Have a look: I knew this a long time ago but i didn’t bother to [...]

7 things to remember when optimize your ads

Always blend ads with content: the colors of the background, the URL, the text must be the same as your site’s. Put the things you want clicked most towards the top and left. The first link in a series gets clicked most. Certain color combinations draw in the eye. Standard banner sizes in standard banner [...]

70.000 backlinks to your site ?

Some declarations first: This is blackhat. Do this at your own risk. Here we go: There’s an exploit for PHP versions 4.4.3 -> 4.4.6 lurking around in the phpinfo() files. Basically, it’s an XSS vulnerability in the phpinfo() function which gives unescaped output for all user-submitted arrays in GET, POST and Cookies (More info can [...]