Interesting Windows hotkeys you should know about


non trivial windows hotkeys

Vim has shown me the power of muscle memory. That’s why i always try to learn hotkeys of any thing i use daily. Managing your desktop environment of course is one of those tasks.

Below are non-trivial and useful windows hotkeys that you probably don’t know about.

Win + Pause = System Properties

Win + D = Show Desktop

Win + M = Minimize all windows

Win + E = Launch Win Explorer (@ My Computer),

Win + R = Run Command

Win + L = Lock the screen

Win + X = Open Windows Mobility Center

Win + T = Shift through windows list in task bar (Win7)

Win + P = Change display output between Computer and Projector

Win + B = Let you select items in task bar’s tray

Ctrl + Esc = Start Menu (for those who use old keyboard)

Ctrl + Shift + Esc = Show Task Manager

Win + Shift + M = Maximize all windows

Alt + Spacebar + X = Maximize window

Alt + Spacebar + N = Minimize window

Alt + Spacebar + R = Restore

Alt + Tab = Shift between Windows (this one is trivial but do you know that Alt + Shift + Tab = Shift between Windows in reverse order ?)

Ctrl+ Shift + F10 = Shows Context Menu (Mouse Right Click Effect)

Application Specific (generally): Ctrl + S = Save, F3/Ctrl + F = Find

Desktop/Win Explorer: F2 = Rename File, F3/Win + S = Launch Search

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  • Xavier Cabrera

    On Windows Aero Win+Tab show a 3D preview of open windows :-)