Run Cygwin on Vista as Administrator


Errm … as we already know, our admistrator account (the one that we use to log onto Vista) doesn’t really have access permission to all over the system. So when you do make install in cygwin you have permission error. The workaround is to activate the real Administrator account:

Right click on Computer and choose Manage. Select Computer Management (Local) > System Tools > Local Users and Groups > Users and double click the Administrator user. Uncheck Account is disabled. Right click on the Administrator user and choose Set password and enter a password for the Administrator user.

Now the Administrator account is activated, fire up cmd and execute the following commands:

cd c:/cygwin/bin
runas /user:Administrator bash

The last command will open up cygwin with the Administrator account. But now it’s environment is not set up properly, we still need to copy the skeleton files to proper home folder /home/Administrator/:

. /etc/profile

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  • Jose

    Thank you. However, I just did the command runas /user: Administrator bash, but it keeps asking me for a password. What should it be?

  • Some Real Guy

    Thanks for the idea, I just right click on the Cygwin.bat file and select “Run as administrator”. This way I completely subvert myself to the Microsoft dictators. Too bad you can’t select it under the “Compatibility” tab to make it permanent like a real application. Thanks again.

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