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How to install Cisco VPN client on Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope and Karmic Koala 64 bit

Update 2011-05-09: There is a new patch that works (I still recommend the vpnc client instead of Cisco client). I’ve mirrored the patch to my server: fixes-2.6.38.patch. Please note that you should apply the patch against a vanilla vpnclient setup directory (no other patch applied). cd vpnclient/setup/directory/ wget http://www.lamnk.com/download/fixes-2.6.38.patch patch < ./fixes-2.6.38.patch sudo ./vpn_install Again, [...]

2.6.26+ Kernel, fglrx, compiz fusion and the annoying small pauses when using those 3

Man, these freezes really bug me off … After setting up my laptop i realized every time i turn compiz on, the system would hang for 1-2 second then continue working. The time interval between two freezes is random. This problem happened with both closed source or open source drivers (for an ATI Mobility x2300 [...]

With kernel 2.6.24 you will need a patch to install Cisco VPN Client

UPDATE: A new client for linux ( is out. You no longer need the patch for 2.6.24+ kernel on 32 bit systems. However a patch for 64 bit systems is still required. Please click on the link right below to see the howto for 64bit. UPDATE: 64 bit systems are a bit more complicated, please [...]