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Never ending headache … disconnect problem again

The VPN connection on Vista drops after every 5-10 minutes idle times ( means no surfing or other net related activities ). Why ? Fuck me if i know. It doesn’t matter over wireless or LAN, wired connection breaks all the time too. And the employees in uni are reporting disconnecting problem on XP with [...]

How to fix Cisco VPN Client error 442 on Windows Vista

Update 2010-10-31: If you use windows 7 and latest version of Cisco VPN Client (like 5.0.06 or 5.0.07) and have this error then you can quickly fix it by turning off Windows Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) service: Press Windows and R key to open Run window, type in services.msc Stop the Cisco Systems … service [...]

Run Cygwin on Vista as Administrator

Errm … as we already know, our admistrator account (the one that we use to log onto Vista) doesn’t really have access permission to all over the system. So when you do make install in cygwin you have permission error. The workaround is to activate the real Administrator account: Right click on Computer and choose [...]