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Optimize WordPress for speed

I confess, I’m a speed freak, premature optimization type Still not that good with Google’s PageSpeed, i’ll fix those warnings soon (most of them, however, is from external hosts) The essential plugins are: WP-Super-Cache: this one is trivial. Every WordPress blog should have this plugin enabled by default. Use Google Libraries: replace WordPress included javascript [...]

WordPress Blank Screen of Death

I’ve just encountered this problem when moving to a new host: the database was ok, php was working, htaccess ok, wp-config ok but my website always showed me a numb blank face. The problem drove me crazy since every other WordPress-powered sites on the same host worked. A fresh version of WordPress with the old [...]

WordPress installation – Error establishing a database connection

I just spent 3 hours just to look at this error of wordpress, trying to figure out why the hell wordpress can’t connect to mysql. Because i created the mysql user myself, there is definitely no reason i entered the wrong password. And the mysqld daemon did run fine as i could create user and [...]