Error 56: The Cisco Systems, Inc. VPN Service has not been started


On some systems there is this problem with Cisco VPN service: cvpnd.exe must be excuted before you run the ipsecdialer.exe ( the GUI for the client ). But even if you start the service per hand in services.msc, it got killed in a few seconds after thus you can not run the client.

Update: thanks to Zhigang Wu we now only need to disable the Internet Connection Sharing service (also in services.msc), turn it from Automatically starting to Manual, and start the Cisco service. It will not be killed again. The registry method becomes obsolete and is only recommended as a last resort as it’s dangerous and may cause you problems.

To work around this problem: Uninstall Cisco VPN in Windows Control Panel, then go to regedit and remove all the entries have Cisco term in them. Be careful, back up the registry with built-in export function of regedit first and do not delete somethings like “Franscisco”, ok ? Some entries can not be deleted, it’s normal, just F3 until you reach the end of the registry.

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  • fabio025

    Hello, and thank you.
    I did what you said but if the folder is created on cvpnd.exe in Services there is the service to start …

  • Name

    Thanks Carlos, your solution worked for me.
    For some reason the original service had vanished from my system.

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  • Eduardo

    Perfect, this save my life… this error appear on the President's Laptop.. :)
    I adjusted the command line, I changed description to DisplayName and add the option start=auto

    Very thanks!!! Eduardo (BR)

  • Leo

    Two comments only:

    1. I had to use a slightly different syntax (more parameters):
    C:Program FilesCisco SystemsVPN Client>sc create CVPND binPath= “C:Program F
    ilesCisco SystemsVPN Clientcvpnd.exe” type= own type= interact DisplayName= “
    Cisco VPN Service”

    2. I had to run the command as Administrator

    Apart from that, really useful.

    Thanks a lot for sharing!

  • Flits

    tnks a lot, you save-me!!

  • daifar

    how to excute the long-command?
    could you say that clearly?Please

  • Uninstall Program

    Sometimes, reinstalling the program can fix the problem.

  • Super VPN Services

    damn i receive error when i try to connect. error 691